Seito Sushi

This place is by far the Best Sushi restaurant I have tried in Orlando so far in the past six years.

They have 2 locations; Baldwin Park and Sand Lake. We’ve been to both locations and it seems like the Sand Lake location is almost always busy and has a wait, we’re as in Baldwin Park has the perfect setting for a quick lunch or intimate date night!

But… Let’s. Talk. About. Their. Sushi. The fusions that they create are so exquisite the is no need to smother any spicy mayo or soy sauce.

Don’t believe me? T R Y I T!! Or not… You’ll just be missing out! Plus, you can also just take my word for it because I’m Asian. Lol!

Of course we’ve tried every roll on their menu (more than twice) but my favorites are as follows:

  • Torchamaki (spicy crawfish, asparagus, wrapped with whitefish, cajun mayo, set ablaze with a torch)

  • Sunset (spicy krab, wrapped with fresh salmon lemon slices, spicy ponzu)

  • Spicy Lobster (crawfish, spicy kobachi mayonnaise, tempura flakes topped with baked surimi lobster)

Not to mention their ramen and Bi Bim Bop (Korean stone rice bowl) is out of this world.

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