Every pregnancy is different so is the Woman going through it

Just like this title suggests, this post is dedicated to pregnancies.

I know it has been forever since I have last posted anything on my blog, but being around a close friend lately who is going through a not-so-easy pregnancy has motivated me to reactive myself once again.

I have stated this before and will forever be true to it. One of the reasons to which I decided to start this blog was to create a destination where helpful tips are offered to find our balance between all the hats we wear throughout the day (mommy, wife, friend, sister, etc).

Life can be overwhelming sometimes especially (scratch that) ESPECIALLY when we are pregnant! It’s like being pregnancy also comes with big, flashing lights in the background attracting all the unsolicited opinions and lack of empathy. Suuure… I can understand that your pregnancy was marvelous, you didn’t look like a whale and you felt glorious; but for others, their stories are not the same, not even close.

As going through the process of becoming mothers we put this absurd amount of pressure on ourselves whether it my be stressing over the picture-perfect nursery or an Instagram-worthy Baby Shower.

This friend of mine has had most of the pregnancy symptoms, if not all… (nausea, morning sickness, heartburn, back pain) and has been overly stress and depressed over the planning of her Baby Shower. So I wanted to spoil her by taking her maternity pictures and help remind her that every second of her pregnancy will be worth it the second she lays eyes on her beautiful baby.

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Ways to Empathize with Someone Pregnant:

  • Don’t try to force any feelings on her: If she is willing to open up to you and express herself saying that the pregnancy has been rough on her, DO NOT rub it in her face saying your pregnancy was a breeze!
  • Come up with things that may cheer her up (if it is in your nature) For example with my friend, she wasn’t feeling pretty with her pregnancy at all and you all know we’ve always been painted with a pregnancy that suppose to be all cupcakes and rainbows. I offer to take her maternity pictures and try to make her feel beautiful and special.
  • Be more comprehensive. What may make sense in your mind may sound extremely harsh to her ears. It’s all about actually listening to what she has to say and not just spit things out that you think is correct.

Let’s all be nicer to each other and treat others the way we’d like to be treated 🥰

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