8 Must-Have Apps for New Moms


8 Must-Have Apps for New Moms

     Parenting is a task that requires lots of hard word, but, in this day and age, there is so much help out there you just have to find what works for you.

     The following contains a list of apps (mostly free) that have worked for me and made my life a whole lot easier and much more manageable; hopefully will do the same for you as well!

1. Glow BabyGlow_Icon

Glow Baby Newborn Tracker FREE

     Number 1 on my list. Since Day 1, once my little one was born, I set myself the task of finding the best baby logging app… and this has got to be it! I tried too many, I have honestly lost track of how many exactly.

     Why do I like it so much?    At first I was very overwhelmed during my first 2-weeks of postpartum, especially during my little one’s first couple of pediatrician visits. With a sore body, lack of sleep, I felt bombarded with questions that didn’t have the answers right away like … how many wet vs soiled diapers does he have? … how many times does he eat a day … every how many hours is he eating? How was I suppose to know all of that when I barely functioned?  Lady doctor, hang on while I reach my phone and search through my app!

Glow Baby will help log and track your baby’s sleeping, feeding (whether it’s breastfeeding, bottle feeding breastmilk/formula, and solids) and diaper changes! You can also log your pumping sessions and your baby’s developmental milestones, medication and growth charts; there is even an option for writing in notes. And since making a baby takes two… you can connect with your partner with the multi-parent feature.

Best feature:The Pattern view. Generally, your baby has a unique little schedule going on. Within a week of consistent logging his/her activities, you will be able to identify it. This will be extremely useful when you are ready to sleep train you baby!

Great for mommies of twins, triplets, etc. since you can log multiple children on the same app. 


Download for iOS     Download for Android

2. Baby MonitorBabyMonitor_Icon

Cloud Baby Monitor $3.99

Although this app is not free, I swear it’s worth every penny! I tried more than a few free apps that were available and nothing compares to this one.

Rather than investing in a baby monitor, you can convert your Apple devices into a baby monitor with features such as live video and sensitive audio, noise and motion alerts, white noise and lullabies with remote sound control, nightlight with remote brightness control and battery status for both devices. You can even soothe your baby with its audio chat.

Best feature: ALL OF IT!


Download for iOS     Not available for Android

3. Sound Sleeper SoundMachine_Icon

Sound Sleeper: White Noise FREE

We use this app mostly when we’re on-the-go.

For the most part, we are blessed with a tranquil baby that behaves himself outside of the house, but when it’s time for his nap and he starts to get restless… this app does the trick!

I love the different sound categories available and that you can even select classical music. You can also track your baby’s sleep in the app, but we rather keep all our eggs in one basket and use Glow Baby

Best feature: The listen option. The app will automatically play your selected sound when it identifies your baby’s cry.


Download for iOS     Download for Android

4. The BumpTheBump_Icon

The Bump – Pregnancy Countdown FREE

I really enjoyed this app during my pregnancy and after as well! With this app you can see, with 3D visuals, how your baby is developing week by week. It also helps you learn how prepare for changes that will both be happening to you and your baby. And of course… the fruit and veggie size comparison everyone loves!

After delivery, this app still offers insight in your baby’s weekly development with excerpts and related articles such as What Hp


Download for iOS     Download for Android

5. Baby CenterBabyCenter_Icon

Baby Center: Pregnancy Tracker & Baby App FREE

This app is so user-friendly. giving answers to any questions you might have on… basically everything! (sleeping routines, introducing solids, putting together your baby registry, etc)


Download for iOS     Download for Android

6. Baby StoryBabyStory_Icon

Baby Story – Pics Editor FREE

This app is perfect for all the cute weekly pictures for your belly compared to the size of a fruit or vegetable. It’s also great for your baby’s milestones and monthly picture stats.


Download for iOS     Same app is not available for Android, but there are plenty to choose from

7. PampersPampers_Icon

Pampers Rewards: Parents App FREE

Get rewarded for things you already buy and use. There is a code inside every bag Pampers diapers. Make sure to scan your product code to receive points that can lead up to discounts on Pampers products, gift cards and sweepstakes.


Download for iOS     Download for Android

8. HuggiesHuggies_Icon

Huggies Rewards App FREE

Get rewarded for things you already buy and use. The only catch is you have to upload a receipt. So any diapers that were gifted to you, you can’t redeem.


Download for iOS     Download for Android

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